Explain the cost analysis of radial drilling machine, Mechanical Engineering

Explain the Cost analysis of radial drilling machine

Cost regarding to Manual arrangement of auger extension in paver machine:

1.cost of segmented angle radial drill machine :-

Cost involving following component:

 Motor- 1/83 HP, 9 watt - Rs 2000

 Bearing - we are use two ball bearing which is 6302 type - Rs (150*2)=300

 Two pipes- we are collect big pipe which has large diameter and small pipe which has small diameter. These two pipes is galvanized pipe.- Rs (450+250)=700

 Chuck - Rs 500

 Table and base- for making a table and base, we use steel plate - Rs 1500

 Column- for making a column, we use galvanized pipe which has large diameter and length - Rs 700

 Screw for clamping the motor on the plate - Rs 100

Other Machining cost - Rs 1000

Overall cost of angle radial drill machine: Rs.6100

2. Percentages of saving of cost of project 

= {(7500-6100)/7500}*100 %

= 0.186*100%

= 18.60% saving cost of project


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