Explain the complete process of communication, HR Management

Explain the Complete Process of Communication?


Sender has an idea - you conceive an idea and want to share it.

 Sender encodes the idea

  • putting your idea into a message that can be understood by the receiver. This process is called encoding.
  • You decide on the message's form - words, facial expressions, gestures, length, organization etc. This would depend on your purpose, idea, audience and personal style.

Sender transmits the message

  • Select a communication channel ie telephone, letter, memo, e-mail etc. This also depends on the message, audience, location, media avalaible, speed and formality required.

Receiver gets the message

  • Physical act of receiving the message

Receiver decodes the message

  • Your receiver extracts your idea from the message in a way he understands it. This process is called decoding.
  • If all goes well, the receiver interprets your message as you wanted them to.

Receiver sends feedback

  • Through feedback, one can evaluate the effectiveness of your message.
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