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Before Abutment Connection

There can be wound dehiscence, and the presence of signs of infection such as swelling, fistula, pain prior to stage to surgery. It is important to clinically examine and sequential radiographs to be taken to ascertain the cause distinguish soft tissue and bone problems which could be:

- Complications due to any remaining suture material.

- Improperly seated cover screws.

- Wound dehiscence caused when the denture is worn early or if the denture has been inadequately relieved.

- Bone loss -  radiolucent line around the implant or locali-ed rarefaction in the bone. On the radiograph relationship of the implant to vital anatomic structures should be assessed.

Sometimes there is radiographic evidence of periapical radiolucency with normal appearing bone coronally. It is important to distinguish between these inactive lesions from active pathologic bone loss by correlating the clinical findings (evidence of infection- tenderness, persistent pain, swelling, fistula etc)


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