Explain selling verses marketing concept, Operation Management

Explain Selling Vs Marketing Concept.

Selling Vs Marketing Concept: The concept of selling is a management orientation which assumes that consumers will normally not buy sufficient of the company's product unless they are approached along with a promotional effort and substantial selling.  The marketing concept is a management orientation which holds that the key task of the organisation is to find out the needs, wants and values of a target market and to adopt the organisation to deliver the needed satisfaction more efficiently and effectively than its competitors.

* Selling focuses on the requirements of the seller whereas marketing focuses on the desired of the buyer.

* Selling is preoccupied along with the seller's require to convert his goods in cash, while marketing lays emphasis on satisfying the desired of the customer by means of the product.

* Marketing is the other name for selling with the inference that this is a long-haired method.

* Marketing is a more costly way of selling.

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