Explain periimplant marginal tissues of mucosal conditions, Biology

Explain Periimplant Marginal Tissues of Mucosal Conditions

In addition to the redness and swelling of the marginal tissues, bleeding on probing (BOP), pocket formation, and suppuration have been reported to result from periimplant infections. Assessment of these clinical signs has been considered important in the diagnosis of periodontal diseases.  Therefore, the definition of periimplant parameters based on the Gingival index system is indicated. The Gingival Index has been modified to be applied around dental implants and periimplant marginal tissue can be assessed by passing a periodontal probe along the mucosal margin adjacent to the implant.

The severity of response varies from no bleeding, isolated bleeding spots to heavy/profuse bleeding.  Evaluation of tissue on the basis of appearance of redness of tissue, oedema and ulceration is also done. However, around implants the soft tissue texture and colour depends on the normal appearance of the recipient tissues before implant placement and maybe influenced by the material characteristics of the implant surface. Therefore, only a weak correlation between the Gingival Index type scores and periimplant crestal bone levels havebeen reported.


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