Explain nutrition or diet counseling, Biology

Explain Nutrition or diet counseling

Nutrition or diet counseling  is a  primary educational activity  of  the dietitian.  It incorporates the idea of working with a patient, encouraging him to make changes in his pattern of living that he sees as desirable and attainable and supporting him through- out the process. It is a process that assists people in  learning about themselves,  their environment and methods of handling  their roles and relationships. It involves problem solving, identifying  goals and change, counsellor assist individuals with the decision- making  process, resolving  interpersonal concerns and helping  them to learn new ways of dealing with  and adjusting  to life  situation. Counseling aims  to help clients make and sustain desired changes over  time. It is based on  two premises:

i) Each person controls his own life and behaviour, and

ii) Each  individual has a  background  of  persolla1 interactions,  socialization and education that helps be uses to make choices  about  their behaviour.


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