Explain national nutritional anaemia prophylaxis programme, Biology

Explain National Nutritional Anaemia Prophylaxis Programme?

National Nutritional Anaemia Prophylaxis Programme addresses iron and folate deficiency anaemia (IDA). Preschoolers receive 20 mg Fe and 100 mcg folate daily. Dewonning of preschoolers is advised. Preschool children have been one of the target groups to receive IFA tablets under National Anaemia Prophylaxis Programme. Both access and intake of IFA tablets by children have been poor and there had been . a very little impact on the reduction of anaemia in childhood. The objective even in 10" plan is that infant is born with adequate weight axd nutrient store, if iron-folate tablets (one tablet a day containing 100 mgelemental Fe and 500 ing folate) are given to pregnant and lactating women for 100 days. Further, it also helps mothers not to become anaemic.

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