Explain legal issues related to e-procurement, Other Management

Question 1:

As a procurement manager of the public sector, discuss the factors that you will consider in the implementation of an e-Procurement system.

Question 2:

(i). Describe with illustrations and examples, four types of e-Procurement strategies that are feasible to be implemented in the public sector.

(ii). Explain legal issues related to e-Procurement.

Question 3:

An e-Payment is any kind of non-cash payment that does not involve a paper check. The methods of electronic payments include credit cards, debit cards and the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.

(i). Show four stakeholders involved in the e-Procurement strategy.

(ii). (a). Describe with a relevant example, what you understand by the ACH.

(b). Show on four benefits and four concerns of e-Payment facilities.

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