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Explain importance of Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction is  an  important  and  extensive concept  referred  to  and  used  very  frequently in international law. It provides clear norms as to what is the sphere of influence or authority of a state and also includes the subjects that formulate/constitute a part of such an in authority or influence. It can also include certain circumstances in which a state may assume jurisdiction in matters or over such subjects that do not form a part of its area of influence under ordinary course of events, for instance, International Court of Justice (ICJ) can only exercise its jurisdiction over a dispute when the states party to it have agreed to take the matter to ICJ. At a national level people are aware of the term "jurisdiction" but it creates ambiguity at an international law. As has been said earlier, Jurisdiction refers to as legal power of a state and specific functions given to an entity. For example, High Court is given the power and authority to decide matters falling within its jurisdiction as has been outlined under the 1973 Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Similarly, Banking Courts deal with the issues relating to banking. Jurisdiction is an important part of State sovereignty, since, it gives a state the competence to create, change or terminate legal relationships, rights and duties. It involves both the right to exercise it within the limit of a State's sovereignty and the duty to recognize the same of other States (internal aspect of sovereignty and external aspect of sovereignty respectively).


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