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Q. Explain H - Shaped Incision?

This type of incision is especially useful for:

  • The anterior maxilla or mandible.
  • Accurately identified implant position.
  • Exposure of a single implant.
  • Multiple implants with adequate inter - implant distance

The main incision over the palatal area of the implant and the parallel releasing portions next to the implant approximately 2 mm from the adjacent teeth.

The size of the incision and its precise design will depend on the clinical circumstances. Undermining the soft tissue around the implant enables the access incision to be centred over the implant. The amount of tissue elevation is based on the design and size of the cover screw and abutment.

There has to be sufficient access for the removal of hard tissue and soft tissue from the top of the cover screw to enable the abutment to be seated properly. The amount of tissue that needs to be removed is also dependent on the type of connection between implant and abutment. Fitting the Morse taper design requires the least exposure of surgical site, as this is mainly to gain access to the internal area of the morse - taper. The abutment does not need to be seated on the implant but fits within it. The butt joint connection with the external anti - rotation hexagon requires the greatest attention as it should not damage the implant shoulder or external hex and it needs the greatest amount of exposure.

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