Explain extension of screw conveyor by hydraulic cylinder, Mechanical Engineering

Explain Extension of screw conveyor by hydraulic cylinder

"Extension of screw conveyor with the help of linkage arrangement by hydraulic cylinder and hinged joint"


 In this mechanism two auger hollow shafts is use one is the auger main shaft and other is extra auger shaft. This shaft is smaller diameter than the main shaft. The length of auger main shaft is 1.25 m and extra auger shaft length is 1 m. the extra shaft is sliding in axially direction in auger main shaft. This motion is reciprocation or to and from motion is done by the linkage mechanism and hydraulic cylinder. The link is connected between the end of cylinder and other end of link is connected the end of inner extra auger shaft with slot provided in outer auger main shafts.


 When there is the extension is not required during paving at that time this mechanism is not work but the extension is required more then 2.5m paving is done that time this mechanism is operated.

When the paving is done up to 4.5m then the inner auger shaft is extended by help of cylinder is operated in compression position then inner shaft is the extended by the link and hinge joint.The operation is completed then the cylinder is operated in expanded in outer position the inner shaft is move in inside in main outer shaft.


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