Explain about the foods effect on drug utilization, Biology

Explain about the Foods Effect on Drug Utilization?

The following illustrations highlight the effect of food on drug utilization.

Liver and green leafy vegetables can decrease the effect of anticoagulants (blood- thinning drugs). These foods contain vitamin K, which helps promote blood clotting. On the other hand, aspirin and aspirin-containing compounds can enhance the effect of the blood-thinning drug and promote excessive bleeding.

One of the most hazardous food and drug interactions is between monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors and aged or fermented foods. MA0 inhibitors are used to treat depression and high blood pressure. They decrease the metabolism in the body of compounds called monoamines. MA0 inhibitors can react with a substance called tyramine (a monoamine) in foods such as aged cheese, fava beans and others. As a result blood pressure can rise to dangerous levels causing severe headaches, brain hdemorrhage and, in extreme cases, death. Natural licorice contains a substance which can increase blood pressure when eaten hi large amounts. Long-term use of licorice and licorice-flavoured candy or drugs can counteract the effect of medication used for treating high blood pressure.

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