Explain about the complete proteins, Biology

Explain about the Complete proteins?

We now know that proteins are composed of amino acids and that proteins differ in their amino acid make-up. Proteins lacking in one or more of the essential amino acids, cannot be utilized to meet the protein requirements of the body hence they are not good quality proteins. The nutritive value of a protein will be high if the amino acid make-up is very similar to that of the body proteins and will be low if it lacks partially or completely any one of the 10 essential amino acids or if its amino acid composition is very much different from that of the body proteins. Based on their nutritive value or amino acids make-up, proteins are therefore classified as:

Complete proteins - e.g., egg proteins. These proteins promote growth and provide all the essential amino acids.

1.) Partially complete proteins - e.g., wheat proteins. These promote moderate growth and partially lack one or more essential amino acids.

2.) Incomplete proteins - e.g., gelatin or zein. They do not promote growth and completely lack one or more essential amino acids.

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