Explain about functions of the lacrimal apparatus, Biology

Explain about functions of the lacrimal apparatus.

Tear Secretion

Aqueous tears are secreted by the main (reflex secretion) and accessory (basic secretion) lacrimal glands. The main lacrimal gland is innervated by both parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve fibers. The goblet cells and meibomian glands, respectively, secrete mucus and lipid. The normal race of tear production is 1.2 microlitre/minute. The tear turnover rate is 5-7 limes per minute. It is of interest to know that abnormal tearing starts only after 4 monlhs of age. The absence of abnormal tearing in very young infants may be explained by the fact that cornea of infant have a low innervation.

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Functions of the lacrimal apparatus

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