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Q. Explain about Dihalide?

Dihalides: Dichlorides and dibromides are formed by the lower members of the group, viz., Se, Te and Po. These are formed mainly by dissociation of the corresponding tetrahalides. Sulphur dichloride can also be formed by chlorination of S2Cl2 preferably, in  presence of a trace of a catalyst such as FeCl,. However, due to the decomposition of S2CI2, into S2Cl2, it is rather unstable. While the dihalides of Se are gaseous, those of Te and Po are solids. These dihalides are hydrolysed by H2O2 according to following equation for TeBr2.

2TeBr2 + 3H2O ---------------> H2TeO3+ 4HBr + Te

Dissolution of chlorine in sulphur monochloride, S2Cl2 gives sulphur dichloride, 9CI2, an  unstable liquid which dissociates back.

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