Examine the cysticerus larva under the microscope, Biology

Examine the cysticerus larva under the microscope?

Examine the cysticerus larva under the microscope and note the following:

i)  Bladder worm consists of a single layered, large ovoid sac or bladder-like structure with an  invaginated proscolex which measures 6-  18 mm  in  length at the anterior end.

ii)  Proscolex contains suckers, hooks and rostellum.

1218_Define Larval Stage of Taenia Cystcercus.png

iii)  Bladder is generally filled with clear watery fluid having mostly plasma of the host.

iv)  Bladder wall consists of an outer cuticle and  inner mesenchyme.  [Further development of cysticercus larva takes place only when it is eaten by a  human  host, otherwise it  lodges in the tissue of the host and gets calcified. After  entering the stomach of the human host the proscolex gets evaginated, suckers and rostellum come out and anchor to the mucous membrane and the larva develops further into the adult by  proliferation.]

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