Evaluate the agresti-card-glass metrics, Software Engineering

Question 1:

We have a small system with a call graph as given below. Consider that each vertex is a module. All modules are new (i.e., n = n0) Also consider that the number of I/O variables per module is 1 for module 1, 2 for module 2, . . . , and 5 for module 5.

Evaluate the Agresti-Card-Glass metrics.

1244_Evaluate the Agresti-Card-Glass metrics.png

Question 2:

We have a new 4GL application that will consist of the subsequent:

1. Three input screens, each of which has two views and references six different data sources.

2. One output report that has four sections and references eight data sources.

3. Three existing 3GL components and needs an additional three to be programmed.

In addition, the programmers' productivity on past projects was 15 OPs per staff month, and the environment is average.

What could be a reasonable estimate for this new application?

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