Estimate the enthalpy of fusion of sulphuric acid, Chemistry

In the industrial production of sulphuric acid, SO3 is carefully reacted with water:

SO3 + H2O → H2SO4

any excess SO3 giving rise to what is called oleum, a solution of SO3 in sulphuric acid.  The relationship between the freezing point (f.p.) of sulphuric acid and the presence of small amounts of dissolved SO3 is as below:


Pure H2SO4

1 mol% SO3

2 mol% SO3

3 mol% SO3

Tfp /°C





Assume that SO3 in H2SO4 forms a solution without reaction.  Graphically or otherwise, estimate the enthalpy of fusion of sulphuric acid (note that 1 mole % corresponds to a mole fraction of 0.01).

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