Essay on information systems impact on culture and society, English


What you need to do: Write an academic essay on "Information Systems Impact on

Culture and Society"

This assignment was designed to:

1.  Encourage wider reading on Information Systems and its role and/or impact (both negative and positive) in society & culture

2.  Encourage lateral thinking and critical thinking on the role of IS in a contemporary global issue/topic/problem

3.  Encourage learning and understanding about "Plagiarism" and "How to Avoid Plagiarism", as well as using proper and appropriate in-text referencing and providing complete reference list 

4.  Encourage appreciation and respect of others' work by acknowledging the sources of the data, information, and knowledge contained in the essay.

How your assignment will be marked

1.  Your ability to articulate the key impacts of IS/IT to culture and society

2.  Your ability to present a good and coherent logical flow of arguments within the essay

3.  Professional presentation of the essay

4.  Your ability to provide well-informed arguments and opinions.

5.  Appropriateness of and correct use of references to support your arguments/ideas throughout the essay

7.  The use of high-quality, reliable, and dependable information sources.

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