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Human Resource Planning is an important component of Staffing. It enables organisations to ensure that they have the human resources (employees) required for current and future requirements for business success. Provide one of the following organisations with a discussion of its ability to staff itself appropriately for its strategic objectives over the next five years.

Companies you may select to advise: StarHub Ltd., SingTel, Singapore Airlines. If you wish to use another organization as the basis for this assignment, you must first obtain the approval of the convenor.

NOTE: This assignment will require you to conduct research not only about the

organisation to which you will address your report, but will also require you to consider and undertake research into the various factors which can affect staffing issues for the organisation. You may wish to conduct a SWOT analysis to assist  ou in identifying internal and external factors which can affect staffing for your selected organisation and the industry in which it functions.

For this essay, you will need to:

  • ensure you address the assignment topic (what do you need to discuss in your report to adequately address the topic? What is this report meant to be about? What issues do you need to discuss to demonstrate familiarity with and understanding of key issues and concepts?)
  • ensure you identify relevant and appropriate sources (what assigned readings would be useful to develop your line of reasoning and/or support your points? What additional sources would be useful to develop your line of reasoning and/or support your points? Note: As a general rule, you should have two sources for every page of text (i.e., if your paper is 5 pages long, then you would be expected to have approximately 20 sources; 15 pages, 30 sources; etc.)
  • ensure you meet your reader's expectations and requirements (who is the reader of this essay? Consider why your reader has asked you to write this essay: what does your reader want you to demonstrate in this essay? why have you been asked to write this essay?)
  • ensure you comply with general assignment instructions, including submitting the assignment in the specified format (See relevant sections in this unit outline regarding requirements for written assignments. If you do not submit the assignment in the required format, it will be penalized 10% and returned to you to correction; you will have 48 hours from when the tutor advises you (not when you receive the advice) to make the correction and re-submit. If you do not re-submit within 48 hours of the tutor's advice, you will begin to accumulate an additional 10% for each day late.)
  • ensure you cite your sources using properly the Harvard/in-text format for your in-text references and for your bibliography/reference list entries (See relevant sections in this unit outline, including consequences of not complying with this requirement. Consult the

Harvard Referencing Guide available from the Swinburne Lilydale Library. If you do not use correctly the Harvard/in-text format for your citations and bibliography entries, your assignment will be penalized 10% and returned to you for correction. You will have 48 hours from the time of the tutor's email advising you of this to re-submit (not when you receive the advice). If you do not re-submit within 48 hours of the tutor's advice, you will begin to accumulate an additional 10% for each day late.).

  • draw appropriately on assigned readings and the textbook and undertake additional research into the relevant literature (NOTE: Reliance solely or principally on assigned materials will not be highly regarded, and it is unlikely that an essay based on these can earn more than a low Credit, if that. You are expected to undertake some research into the strategy research literature. Ensure you consider relevant sections in this unit outline regarding sources as well as consult materials placed on the Unit's Blackboard site providing advice and information about using sources and about different types of sources. With regard to the sports you consider in this essay, many sports are the subject of books explaining rules, tactics, etc.; you may also find biographies of leading figures in a particular sport useful.

The internet also is likely to be a good source of information. Remember to cite these sources and to do so properly; see the section in the Unit Outline regarding how to cite internet sources as the Swinburne Harvard Referencing Guide.)

  • NOTE: (1) Writing Skills: It is suggested that you consider any advice and comments provided in previous units with regard to your writing competencies, and act on these. The two sources indicated above can offer guidance regarding how to write a satisfactory essay.

A well-written essay allows you to demonstrate your learning. No matter how good your research, if you cannot organize your thoughts into a well-planned and well-executed line of reasoning supported by well considered and properly used evidence, you cannot demonstrate your understanding. (2) Research Skills:

Library staff can assist you in using the electronic journal databases to locate relevant articles and also point you to other sources which may be of use in gathering information needed for this assignment.

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