Endodontic success, Biology

Endodontic success

- According to Strindberg 1956 the endodontic success is the postoperative clinical as well as radiographic satisfaction after a predetermined postoperative periods.

- Signs and symptoms indicating success clinically and radiographically by means of lack of visible signs of disease.

- The clinical satisfaction is a symptom free tooth, functional & there is no any signs of periapical lesions or root resorption radiographically.
- Failure is defined as the presence of any signs or symptoms indicating disease clinically or radiographically.

e.g  presence of resorption or periapical lesions under the tooth.If I do the endodotic treatment, I have already the preoperative x-ray.. Maybe there is a periapical lesion, if I do proper endodontic treatment the lesion resorp = remove resolution periapically within 6-9 months in normal patient and within 12 months in compromised patient as diabetic patient.

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