Employment policy in the public sector, HR Management

Question 1:

"In today's highly competitive climate, organization performance and growth depend upon attracting, recruiting and retaining talented and conscientious people". Discuss this statement in relation to the employment policy in the public sector?

Question 2:

What do you understand by the term Motivation? Explain the theories of motivation with particular reference to the contributions of Mc Gregor, Alderfer and Mc Clelland?

Question 3:

Define the term leadership. What are the Leadership skills and qualities required of a Personnel Manager to effectively manage human resources in an organization?

Question 4:

Enumerating the factors triggering the Public Sector to modernize and to undertake reforms, describe any four initiatives taken so far. Give suitable examples?

Question 5:

Giving suitable examples, describe what are the challenges facing the public sector and how they impact upon human resources management?

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