Effect of destruction of microbial barriers, Biology

Q. Effect of Destruction of Microbial Barriers?

Physical damage to the integument allows microbial invasion of the underlying nutrient-rich tissues and it is a common observation that damaged fruits and vegetables deteriorate more rapidly than entire products and that this process is initiated at the site of injury. Consequently, it is important that during harvesting and transport these barriers are maintained intact as far as possible. An increase in exposed surface, brought about by peeling, skinning and chop-ping may serve not only to distribute spoilage organisms but also to release juices containing food materials for the microorganisms. The disintegration of tissues by freezing may accomplish a similar result. In meat the growth of spoilage bacteria takes place mostly in the fluid between the small meat fibers and it is only after rigor mortis that much of this food material is released from the fibers to become available to spoilage organisms.

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