Economic instruments, Microeconomics

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Economic instruments Financial rewards, incentives and penalties that operate automatically via market forces, to encourage beneficial behavior.

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Return on Equity: It's a measure of business profitability equal to net after-tax income divided by average level of shareholders' equity in the business. Sales Tax: A tax im

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ELEMENTARY THEORY OF PRICE FORMATION: DEMAND-SUPPLY ANALYSIS: We discuss the elementary theory of price formation. Demand curve in the market is derived from the aggregate con

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Determine the Profit-Maximizing Price If a firm targets a 25 % rate of return on sales, and has unit costs of production of $100, what price should it charge if it uses cost-p

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explain the relationship between scarcity,choice and opportunity cost

Demand, elasticity of demand

elasticity of demand

Manpower-population ratios, Manpower-Population Ratios In this techniq...

Manpower-Population Ratios In this technique, manpower will not be planned for the economy as a whole. It will be planned for sectors or sub-sectors of an economy. For instanc

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