Doppler evaluation for constrictive pericarditis, Biology

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Q. Doppler evaluation for constrictive pericarditis?

2D Echocardiography and Doppler evaluation can provide valuable clues to the presence of constrictive pericarditis.

M-Mode and 2-0 Echocardiographic Features

Pericardial Thickness-Increased echocardiographic density behind the posterior wall suggests pericardial thickening, but echocardiographic measurement of precise pericardial thickness may be inaccurate. TEE provides more accurate assessment of pericardial thickness.

i) Mild atrial enlargement with normal sized left ventricle. .

ii) Dilation of the vena cava.

iii) Flattening of LV endocardia1 motion in mid and late diastole.

iv) Septal bounce.

v) Premature opening of the pulmonary valve. Doppler Echocardiographic Features.

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