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important considerations in case doors and windows

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Calculate the Modulus of elasticity of concrete A pre-stressed concrete beam, having a cross-section of 150 mm width and 400 mm depth, is used over a span of 8 m. Straight tend

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Brick Pavement: In regions where stone aggregates are not available within economical leads, bricks provide a cheaper alternative. Flat-brick or brick-on-edge pavements provi

Concrete, What is compacting factor

What is compacting factor

#memory, assign for memory unit

assign for memory unit

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Question In designing of service reservoirs, how should reservoir floors be designed to avoid leakage of water because of seasonal and shrinkage movements ? Answer I

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Define about the Inclined Borings Inclined  brings may also be used in exploration of  inclined strata and for the detection of weak pockets (lenses),  buried channels,  caviti

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Properties of Ordinary Portland Cement (i) Chemical properties: Portland cement consists chemical compounds are following: (a) Tricalcium silicate          3 CaO.SiO 2 (C

Deflection in concrete structures, Tension reinforcement leads to increasin...

Tension reinforcement leads to increasing deflection in concrete structures? In BS8110 a modification factor is applied to span/depth ratio to take into account effect of tens

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