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what is the differnce between syndrome and symptom?

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What are the steps in bacterial infection, It contain four steps. They are:...

It contain four steps. They are: Attachment to host Proliferation Invasion of host tissue Toxin-induced damage to host cell

Risk characterization, Risk Characterization Risk  Characterization ...

Risk Characterization Risk  Characterization :  Integration  of  hazard  identification,  hazard characterization and exposure assessment into an estimation of the adverse e

Lntracardiac hemodynamics, Provides one dimensional ("ice pick") view of...

Provides one dimensional ("ice pick") view of the heart only provides information with respect to the distance of each object from the transducer and no information in the l

Exterrral and internal environment, Exterrral and Internal Environment Le...

Exterrral and Internal Environment Let us try to understand the concept of environment with some examples. Can you identify the environment of a single carp fish in the pond? It

Rigs pattern - types of nursing units, Rigs Pattern: The nursing unit ...

Rigs Pattern: The nursing unit has been divided into small cubicles for 1,2,4  and 6 beds.  The beds are arranged parallel to the  longitudinal wall.  The pattern was first bu

Name the material used in bioinert, Bioinert Metals:-  Commercially pur...

Bioinert Metals:-  Commercially pure titanium/ titanium alloys Ceramics:-  Aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide

Define microscopical examination of starch granules, Define Microscopical E...

Define Microscopical Examination of Starch Granules? Take a slide and make a thin film of a suspension of starch granules from different sources and examine under a microscope.

Ecosystem, what is the main excretory organ of a lizard

what is the main excretory organ of a lizard

World conservation strategy proposes various steps , WORL D CONSERVATION S...

WORL D CONSERVATION STRATEGY PROPOSES THE FOLLOWING STEPS - 1.       Preservation of critical habitats. 2.       Protection of wild life in situ (in natural habitats) as we

Find the modalities in stress testing, Q. Find the Modalities in stress tes...

Q. Find the Modalities in stress testing? In addition to electrocardiographic stress testing, there are various newer modalities that can be very useful in the determination o

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