Disbeliefs about insulin injection, Biology

Some people have disbeliefs regarding insulin injection. You have to find out if there are any disbeliefs and try to explain the importance of insulin injection. Do not force the patient to take injection. You may help the patient to remove the disbelief and accept the treatment for controlling blood sugar level and prevent complications.

Some disbeliefs are as follows:

1) Insulin as a personal failure.

A common belief among patients is that the need for insulin  therapy is indicative of a personal failure to manage their diabetes.

2) Insulin is not effective.

Some patients do believe that insulin is not effective for treating diabetes.

3) Insulin causes complications or death.

Often the experience of relatives or friends makes patients believe that they get complications or death from insulin.

4) Insulin injections are painful.

Many patients equate insulin injections with injections of antibiotics or vitamin B complex and the pain they have experienced in the past. Many patients believe that insulin injection is as painful as antibiotics or neurobion injection.

5) Fear of hypoglycemia.

The fear of hypoglycemia makes the patients avoid insulin.

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