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Q- What is the difference between painting, polishing and varnishing as for as woodwork is concerned? What are their advantages and disadvantage?

Ans.- Painting -

Paint is applied on timber, metal brick or other materials in the form of a liquid which on drying forms a thin film on the painted surface.

Advantage -

  1. Paint is indispensable for the proper maintenance and preservation of wooden structures against warping checking or decay cracking and flaking.
  2. Metals corrode if not painted.
  3. To resist checking and disintegration.
  4. Painting required for decoration sanitation or improved illumination.
  5. It should posses good moisture resistance.
  6. The paint film should dry rapidly.

Disadvantage -

Paint can not used on wooden furniture & other decorative items.

Polishing -

It is a sprit varnish. In its simplest from French Polish is made by dissolving 0.15 Kg of pure shellac in 1 Liter of methylated sprit. It is mostly used for high class furniture and other wood work.

Advantage -

  1. Water stain is the cheapest and can be applied easily.
  2. It applied on wood work water stain courses the fibers of wood to rise and makes the coated surface rough which is not desirable.
  3. Sprit stains on the other hand dry very quickly.
  4. Oil stains are considered most suitable for coating hard wood surface.

Disadvantage -

  1. Require skilled painter to apply them satisfactorily.
  2. Not covered of defects of wood.
  3. It should not water resistance.

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