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Q. Dietary management of dyspepsia?

Keeping in mind the etiology, symptoms and complications of dyspepsia it must be clear that treatment and management of [his disorder does not require any major changes in the nutrient intake. All we need to take care is avoidance of a high fat diet Modifications in the meal pattern and elimination of certain foods may however prove to be beneficial in most of the cases.

Usually, the bland diets are prescribed in such conditions. For excessive belching reduce the foods that are gaseous (whole pulses like rajmah, channa). Soaking /sprouting whole pulses may help in making the fibre softer and hence reduce the symptoms of belching. Vegetables like radish, turnip, cauliflower, broccoli, beans and peas should be avoided.

Intolerance to lactose (the sugar in milk) often is blamed for dyspepsia. Since dyspepsia and lactose intolerance both are common, the two conditions may coexist. In this situation, restricting lactose will improve the symptoms of lactose intolerance, but will not affect the symptoms of dyspepsia.

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