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Q. Explain the development phases of the detailed COCOMO model.

Ans A software development is performed in four successive phases which are as follows

1: plan/requirements: this is the initial phase of the development cycle. The condition is analyzed the product plan is set up and a full product specification is generated. This stage consumes from 6% to 8% of the effort and 10% to 40% of the development time.

2: product design: The second stage of the COCOMO development cycle is concerned with the determination of the product architecture and the specification of the subsystems. This necessitates 16% to 18% of the normal effort and 19% to 38% of the development time.

3: programming: This is the third stage and is divided into sub phases that are detailed phase and code or unit phase. This necessitates 48% to 68% of the effort and 24% to 64% of the development time.

4: integration/test : This stage of COCOMO occurs before delivery. This mostly consists of putting the tested parts together and then testing the final product. This necessitates 16% to 34% of normal effort and 18% to 34% of the development time.

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