Develop a java application, JAVA Programming

Modules of software:

1 - Serial RS232 comm port comunication

2 - NanoHTTPD serving some processed pages

3 - System tray application to indicate status and access configuration forms

4 - SQLite database server (or further with tiny core)

Java forms:

- System Configuration java form some application parameters

- Serial RS232 parameters configuration java form

- System tray indicating status

Web forms:

- "Plate" configuration form URL will be acessed from NanoHttpd

-- Javascript will be obtained form: -> Step 2 -> Prepare your layout -> Use dragging cursor to select dots -> select standard > Fill wells

-- Each "group" chooses must be associated with one item using option button

-- Each form will contain 1 or more "Plates"

-- The plate form has to control about six database tables

-- The plate form has a button to SUBMIT data to a pre configurated URL

- "SUBMITED" data has to be processed by a Class that send parameters to serial comm port, and after the response, it can process the results by a formula and stored on database

Desired Skills

Java, SQLite Programming, Javascript, NanoHTTPD

Posted Date: 1/27/2014 4:44:56 AM | Location : United States

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