Develop a desktop - windows project, DOT NET Programming

Project Description:

The software is developed to help individuals train both their subconscious and conscious mind so they can improve their life and get more success.

- How Key Features Work:

It is a subliminal message that can include image, text or both. The software allows users to prepare their own subliminal messages that will run in the background on their computer as they are working.

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View Goals

Effort Meter

Once the user has written and saved goals or a goal, the Effort Meter will automatically beginning popping every day when the user first logins into the software. The user can be prompted to answer the three questions in the 'effort meter'. Once the problems have been answered, the user will close the 'effort meter' window. The system will record the answers and once a week,

Start Visualization


The Journal is a way for the user to write down and keep track of anything of importance. When the user wishes to prepare some thoughts in the journal, they will click the 'New Journal Entry' tab located in the Journal tile on the main dashboard screen.

Positive News

Will pull positive news stories from several websites like the Good News Network, Positive News and Daily Good via the websites RSS feeds.

Skills required is Windows Desktop

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