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A cylindrical hole with a radius of 4 inches is cut through a cube. The edge of the cube is 5 inches. Determine the volume of the hollowed solid in terms of π.

940_Determine the volume of the hollow solid.png

a. 125 - 80π

b. 125 - 20π

c. 80π- 125

d. 20π- 125

b. To determine the volume of the hollowed solid, we have to ?nd the volume of the cube minus the volume of the cylinder. The volume of the cube is found by multiplying length × width × height or (5)(5)(5) same 125 in3. The value of the cylinder is found by using the formula πr2h. In this question, the diameter of the cylinder is 2 and the height is 5. Thus, the volume is π(2)2(5) or 20π. The volume of the hollowed solid is 125 - 20π. If you select a, you made an error in the formula of a cylinder, using πd2h rather than πr2h. If you select c, this was selection a reversed. This is the volume of the cylinder minus the volume of the cube. If you select d, you found the reverse of choice b.

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