Determine the steps uses in cohen sutherland line clipping, Computer Graphics

Steps uses in the Cohen Sutherland Line Clipping Algorithm are:

217_Determine the Steps uses in Cohen Sutherland Line Clipping.png

Figure: Steps for Cohen Sutherland Line Clipping



 xL , xR , yT , yB , P1 ( x1 , y1 ), P2 ( x2 , y2 )

 Initialize i = 1

While i <= 2

if xi  < xL  then bit 1 of code -Pi = 1 else 0

 if xi > xR then bit 2 of code -Pi =1 else 0         

: The endpoint codes of the line are then set

 if  yi  < yB then bit 3 of code -Pi = 1 else 0

if  yi  > yT then bit 4 of code -Pi = 1 else 0

i = i +1

end while

 i = 1


Initialize j = 1

While j <= 2

 if xj   < xL then Cj left = 1 else Cj left = 0

 if x j > x R   then C j right = 1 else C j right   = 0

 : Set flags as per to the position of the line endpoints with respect to window

if  yj  < yB   then Cj bottom  = 1 else Cj bottom  = 0 edges

if  y j  > yT then Cj top = 1 else C jtop  = 0

 end while

STEP 3: If codes of P1and P2 are both equivalent to zero then draw P1P2 are wholly visible

STEP 4: If logical intersection or AND operation of code -P1 and code -P2 is not equivalent to zero then avoid P1P2 are wholly invisible

STEP 5: If code -P1= 0 then swap P1 and P2 with their flags and also set i = 1

STEP 6: If code -P1 < > 0 then

for i = 1,

{if C1 left = 1 then

find intersection ( xL , y'L )

assign code to ( xL , y'L )

P1 = ( xL , y'L )

end if

i = i + 1;

go to 3


with left edge vide eqn. (C)

 for i = 2,

{if C1 right = 1 then

find intersection ( xR , y'R ) with right edge vide eqn. (D)

assign code to ( xR , y'R )

P1 = ( xR , y'R )

end if

i = i + 1 go to 3


for i = 3

{if C1 bottom = 1 then

find intersection ( x 'B , yB ) with bottom edge vide eqn. (B)

assign code to ( x 'B , yB )

P1 = ( x 'B , yB )

end if

i = i + 1 go to 3


for i = 4,

{if C1 top = 1 then

find intersection ( x 'T , yT ) vide eqn. (A) with top edge assign code to ( x 'T , yT )

P1 = ( x 'T , yT )

end if

i = i + 1 go to 3




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