Determine the magnitude and direction of the reaction, Physics

A load of P59 kN acts at right angles to the beam AB.  The angle of the beam to a horizontal x axis at A is P60. The supports are a pin joint at A and a Rocker at B.  Determine the Shear Force in kN rounded to 2 DP and the Bending Moment in kN.m rounded to 2 DP at point C in the beam. Then determine the magnitude and direction (rounded to the nearest degree) of the reaction at A from the positive x axis.

The Shear Force in kN at C rounded to 2 DP is                                 


The Bending Moment in kN.m at C rounded to 2 DP is                     


The magnitude of the vertical reaction in kN at A rounded to 2 DP is


The direction of the reaction at A from a positive x axis is                 


The axial force in kN at C rounded to 2 DP is                                    


2351_Determine the Magnitude and Direction of the Reaction.png

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