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A rectangular channel of width 12ft has an upstream slope of 0.02ft/ft and a downstream slope of 0.0005 ft/ft. Both reaches have lengths of 500 ft. The upstream reach has a Manning's roughness of 0.016 and the downstream reach has a roughness of 0.011. The design discharge is Q =460cfs,the low flow discharge is Q =230cfs,and the flood discharge is Q =690cfs.

Problem a) Using the direct step method by hand with 1 step, determine the location of the hydraulic jump relative to the slope break for the design discharge. Classify the jump type and calculate the energy lost.

Problem b) Design an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the location of the hydraulic jump relative to the slope break using a depth step size of 0.01 ft for the design discharge. All lengths and water depths must be accurate to 2 decimal places. Plot the water surface profile relative to the slope break. Your spreadsheet will be uploaded to Moodle with the filename format of lastname first name hw5 prob3.xls.


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