Determine the creditors turnover ratio, Managerial Accounting

Creditors turnover ratio ( or payables turnover ratio)

Meaning: this ratio establishes a relation ship between net credit purchases and average trade creditors.

Objective: the objective of computing this ratio is to determine the efficiency with which the creditors are managed.

Components: there are two components of this ratio which are as under:

Net credit purchase

Average trade creditors

Computation: the average payment period ratio show the average number of days taken by the firm to pay its creditors. Generally lower the ratio the improved is the liquidity position of the firm and higher the ratio less liquid is the position of the firm. But a higher payment period also implies greater credit period enjoyed by the firm and consequently larger the profit reaped from credit suppliers. But one has to be careful in interpreting this ratio as higher ratio may also imply lesser discount facilities availed or higher prices paid for the goods purchased on credit. To make correct interpretation of this ratio a comparative analysis of different firm in the same industry and the trend may be found for various years.


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