Determine the combined stress distribution, Physics

A universal column of 6m carries a Point Load of (180+n2) kN centrally at its axis. The column also carries one end of a simply supported beam of 5m with a uniformly distributed load of (15+n1) kN/m over the whole span and a point load of (20+n2) kN at midspan.

The cross section of the column is shown in Figure Q1.

The beam is simply supported centrally by a square bracket, 250mm x 250mm, which is welded to the flange of the column.

(a) Determine the combined stress distribution at the top of the column.

(b) Determine the combined stress distribution at the base of the column if the density of steel is 7200 kg / m3.

Take g = 9.81 m/s2.

215_Determine the combined stress distribution.png

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