Determine percent of population in city - bayes theoram, Applied Statistics

(1) Assume we categorize voters in a city as havingless educationand those havingmoreeducation. Those with less education have less than a college degree; those with more education have at least a college degree. Seventy percent of voters in this city vote have more education, 30% have less education. Among those with less education, 35% voted in the mayoral election. Among those with more education, 55% voted in the mayoral election.

(a) From this information, what percent of the population in this city voted in the may-oral election?

(b) What percent of the population in this city has more education { i.e, the percentage with at least a college degree?

(c) If you randomly encounter someone in this city who has voted, what is the probability he/she has more education? Hint: Use Bayes' Theorem.

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