Determine energy density of human milk, Biology

Determine Energy Density of Human Milk?

The energy density of human milk depends on the relative proportions of protein, fat and the principal carbohydrate, lactose. Lactose content is -7 g/dl and protein 0.9-1.0 g/dl. Lactose contributes 40-45% of the calories and protein 5-6%. Fat concentration and energy density may not affect total energy intake of' breastfed infants since those who nurse on demand apparently compensate for a lower milk energy density by consuming higher volume of milk. Triglycerides constitute 98% of milk lipid with wide diversity in the fatty acid composition. Medium chain fatty acids are synthesized only in mammary alveolar cells while both saturated and unsaturated acids (>=I6 C atoms) are derived either from diet or fat stores.

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