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Determine about the Voice Systems

Speech recognizers are used in some graphics workstations as input devices to accept voice commands. The voice-system input can be used to initiate graphics operations or to enter data. These systems operate by matching an input against a predefined dictionary of words and phrases.

A dictionary is set up for a particular operator by having the operator speak the command words to be used into the system. Each word is spoken several times, and the system analyzes the word and establishes a frequency pattern for that word in the dictionary along with the corresponding function to be performed. Later, when a voice command is given, the system searches the dictionary for a frequency-pattern match. Voice input is typically spoken into a microphone mounted on a headset. The microphone is designed to minimize input of other background sounds. If a different operator is to use the system, the dictionary must be reestablished with that operator's voice patterns. Voice systems have some advantages over other input devices, since the attention of the operator does not have to be switched from one device to another to enter a command.


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