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For fixing of silt curtains, what is the reason that it does not desirable to design the curtain to touch the seabed?


Silt finished are resistant vertical barriers extending from seawater surface to its designed depth. Curtains are held in a vertical place by carrier float on their top and a curtain weight at their base. A worry cable is intended at carrier float to resist stresses incurred by currents. In addition, silt curtains are anchored to seabed to hold them in designed organization.

In core, depth of silt curtains have to not be so long and touch seabed as bottom segment of silt curtains will be trapped inside the newly accumulated sediment, thus resulting in sinking of curtain. As a result, it is difficult to remove these sunken curtains. Furthermore, reversal tidal and recent actions might cause movement of bottom region of curtains that stir up settled postponement and tempt additional turbidity.


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