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Q. Design pressure of Vessels?

The design pressure shall be as specified on the Vessel Data Sheet.

The design pressure for a vessel in vacuum service shall be full vacuum (103.4kPaa) unless specified otherwise on the Vessel Data Sheet.

The Vendor shall provide Design Calculations for the following conditions:

• the Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP: Hot & Corroded)

• the Maximum Allowable Pressure (MAP: Actual Material Thickness New & Cold)

The MAWP (hot & corroded) shall be up-rated, as limited by the actual main shell or head material thickness, less corrosion allowance, without incurring additional costs or increasing the flange ratings.

The MAWP shall be limited by major vessel components, such as the main Shell, Head or Flange rating. In no case shall the MAWP be limited by nozzle neck thickness or nozzle opening reinforcement.

Conical heads or transitions shall be provided with a maximum one half apex angle equal to 60 degrees.

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