Describe what is meant by a franchise, Operation Management

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a) What is a strategy?

b) Describe what is meant by a franchise.

c) Henry Fayol put forward 6 primary functions of management. State the 6 functions and briefly explain 2 of them.

d) Explain the difference between public sector industry and public limited companies.

e) Briefly describe the 4 management styles.

f) Why do organisations need a structure?

g) Distinguish between formal and informal groups. Give one example of each.

h) Briefly explain the different terms delegation, span of control, chain of command, flat and tall structures.

i) What is the difference between corporate strategy and business strategy?

j) Explain the term "competitive advantage".

k) Briefly describe the 3 types of training methods that are most commonly used by organisations.

l) What is a balanced score card?

m) Briefly explain the 4 phases of project management

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