Describe various barriers to successful communication, Operation Management

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Describe various barriers to successful communication.

(i) More levels in the organisation structure by which information has to proceeds.

(ii) Ill-structured and long channels of communications.

(iii) Heavy work-loads at specific levels in the organisation structure.

(iv) Attitude - either not to hear or to hear that one expects to hear.

(v) Prestige and superiority complicated.

(vi) Sender and Receiver having various perceptions.

(vii) Sender not capable to symbolize the information correctly.

(viii) Biased and prejudiced attitude of the receiver.

(ix) Receiver not capable to get the information (subject to various meanings) clarified.

(x) Receiver avoiding conflicting information.

(xi) Receiver tending to calculate information from his own angle.

(xii) Receiver emotionally distress.

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