Describe two reasons driving the termination of processes, JAVA Programming

Question 1:

(a) Describe two reasons driving the termination of processes.

(b) Discuss the five main steps the OS would implement once it has decided to create a new process.

(c) Discuss three types of "Process Control Information" which are part of the process control block.

(d) Discuss how jacketing could minimize some of the issues of User Level threads.

(e) Explain three advantages of making use of user level threads.

Question 2:

a) Briefly discuss about the 3 main ways for process interaction.

b) Compare and contrast between the controls problems of deadlock and starvation.

c) By making use of a resource allocation graph, explain the issue of circular wait.

d) Explain three policy conditions which could lead to deadlocks.

e) By using an example, explain about the issue of data coherence during process interaction.

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