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Q. Describe the Walters dividend model?

Walter's Model: - Walter's model maintains the doctrine that the dividend policy is relevant for the value of the firm. As-per to the Walter the investment policy of the firm and its dividend policy are interlinked. The major proposition of the Walter approach is the relationship among the following two factors:

(i) The return on firm's investment or else its internal rate of return (r) and (ii) Its cost of capital or the required rate of return (ke) As-per to the Walter approach optimum dividend policy of the firm shall be determined by the relationship between r and Ke.

(i) When Internal Rate of Return is in excess of Cost of Capital (r > Ke):- If the firm's return on investment is in excess of the cost of capital the firm must retain the earnings rather than distributing it to the shareholders for the reason that of the reason that the money is earning more profits in the hands of the firm than it would if it was paid to the shareholders.

(ii) When Internal Rate of Return is beneath Cost of Capital ( r < Ke) :- Alternatively if r is less than Ke the firm must pay off the money to the shareholders in the form of dividends because of the reason that the shareholders can earn higher return by investing it elsewhere.

(iii) If Internal Rate of Return is equivalent to Cost of Capital (r = Ke):- Finally if r is equal to Ke it is a matter of indifference whether the earnings are retained or distributed. For such firms there is no most favourable dividend policy.

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