Describe the strategies adopted by the ministry of ict, Database Management System

Question 1:

(a) Planning and management of ICT projects have a very poor record in developing countries. Briefly explain five critical success factors for correct implementation of e-Government initiatives.

(b) Describe the strategies adopted by the Ministry of ICT of Mauritius for e-powering: (i) citizens (ii) businesses and (iii) the public sector.

Question 2:

(a) Define the term ‘m-Government'.

(b) Describe how m-Government initiatives can help in the delivery of services in any three of the following areas:

  • Health Sector
  • e-Tax Payment
  • e-Procurement
  • Education Sector 
  • Agricultural Sector

(c) Briefly describe two e-Government initiatives taken by the Mauritian Government so as to help overcome the "digital divide".

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