Describe the process of rodent control, Biology

Q. Describe the process of Rodent control?

Rats and mice are destructive and cause huge loss of stored food commodities. They transmit pathogenic bacteria. Rats and mice are generally most active during twilight hours. If food and wastes are stored and handled properly, the rodent infestation could be reduced or eliminated. They can squeeze past narrow openings and gnaw the edges of wooden doors.

Rodents gain entry into the premises in bags of flour in straw packages, boxes, cartons etc. If proper storage practices are not adopted and things are scattered, rodent infestation is sure to occur. Rats need lots of water, in fact, they drink three times the amount they eat. Signs of rodent infestations are evident by presence of droppings, greasy foot prints and rat odour. Baited traps and other tracking methods could be followed to ensure that rodents are not present in the food area.

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